Last year was full of challenges, triumphs, sorrows and joys. And, thankfully, it’s over. I’m so ready for a new year…

I am bad at making specific resolutions–biting my nails didn’t really end until I got braces, giving up caffeine would probably be dangerous to those around me, going on Atkins would mean I didn’t exist anymore*. I managed to keep my 2008 resolution–I didn’t move in either 2008 or 2009, but the flip side of that is that I came to the end of the year and felt bogged down by my stuff because I hadn’t experienced the joy of packing/shifting/loading/hauling/traipsing/unpacking for 26 months.

This year my resolution, my goal, is a word: Up. Last year was cynicism and snark, drama, depression and a lot of down. I’d like to reverse that trend and head towards a year of upward progression. Up is a good word, generally, and I can use it with a lot of verbs.

Shape Up: Yah, I know, I’m on the twiglet side of things. That doesn’t mean I’m as in shape as I’d like to be.

Clean Up: Get what I’m not using out of the house. It means less to dust around.

Move Up: There are professional opportunities out there that I need to be working on/towards. Now if I can just guess what the major trend of ALA Annual 2012 will be….

Speak Up: Blogging, Writing, on Committees.

Use Up: Wool Stash anyone? I’m part of a “5K Stashdown” marathon on Ravelry. As I have eleven times that much, it’s not a huge commitment**. I might try for the side bet of knitting up an average of a mile of yarn a month (nearly 20K). If I can get to where it all fits in the tubs, that’d be a huge start***. Also–the fabric stash, which is smaller and therefore doesn’t get as much blog time. See my actual blog page for my knit meter.

Cheer Up: Enough with the snark, the griping, and the drama. So 2009. I can’t say cynicism is fully retiring, this is me after all, but maybe not all sarcasm all the time.

Save Up: Get the debt paid down and the savings account paid up. And more towards retirement (insert chuckle about a public librarian ever being able to retire *here*).

How might you be “up” for 2010?

*I could live on Cheerios and good bread with appropriate jams and peanut butter.
**And apparently I’m on the lower end of the stashdowners…still no reason not to slack though.
***It might keep certain fur people out of the stash.