At three jobs I’ve made a small but substantial investment in chocolate and hard candy.  At the financial firm it was in a small jar on top of my desk, most recently here it’s in a desk drawer–as small children are likely to walk in and I’d rather they not help themselves.

Everyone who works in the building, we proved during a staff scavenger hunt last September, knows where “Abigail’s Chocolate Drawer” is and knows they are welcome to come get a piece during a bad day, when in need of a break or reward, etc.

I do this for multiple reasons.

1) I like chocolate. It means I have a steady supply. Having it always available takes the binging out of it and I’m more likely to just have “a” bite sized piece of chocolate rather than snarfing down a king-sized Snickers. 

2) Other people like chocolate. How easy is it to make someone’s day better with a little square of chocolate? I also usually have some kind of hard candy in there for the non-chocolate-noshers.

3) It provides a positive reason for people to stop by and see me.  As I said, everyone in my building knows where the chocolate is and it’s a good reason to head back to the children’s area (we are kind of off in our own little corner).  Madame Director makes ventures, Madame Storyteller always knows where her favorite type of bite-size candy bar is, Our Lady of the Business Office has been seen.

4) It means access to chocolate without the temptation of it being in their desk drawer. I can go several days without breaking into the chocolate stash. Others have said if they kept the chocolate by them it’d be gone. But since it’s not officially “their chocolate” they can limit themselves to an occasional piece. 

And this for maybe an occasional $15 investment we get peace, sanity, goodwill, and chocolate. 

I get and certainly accept bags of Dove, Hershey’s minibars, etc etc….pretty much anything but Hershey’s Kisses, which no one but the teens seem to like.  (Though I’m not above bribing tweens and teens for good behavior.)