A recent article suggests that female book bloggers are Faking It–making nice with the reviews for whatever reason one would like to throw out there. I hope you’re aware that’s not the case here. It’s true that I tend to only bother writing up blog reviews for books I’ve enjoyed–and LibraryThing Early Reviewers–but that’s more a personal choice. If I’m not enjoying a book these days, I stop reading at 50 pages–I don’t finish it and write up a snotty review. I don’t get to read enough as it is, let alone want to read books I don’t like. My library basket is overflowing, there are unread book piles all over the apartment and we won’t talk about how long the Google Spreadsheet of “To Read” is. I also have a draft box full of posts I want to finish–why would I add “Books I Didn’t Enjoy” to that pile? Y’all have enough other things to read in your inboxes and RSS feeds I trust. So while you may wish to discount these posts insofar as being formal book reviews, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy insight to what I’ve been reading. I’m still using the Book Review tag so you can find all of the posts together. A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy has a much more thoughtful look at and response to the faking it article. As for me? This is my blog, if I choose to say nice things, that’s my prerogative.