Oooh! Ahhhh! My own domain name!

I’ve made a move over to LisHost and WordPress, under the careful supervision of Blake Carver* and with the ever patient question answering skills of David Rothman.  WordPress was pretty decent about holding my hand through the import process, so the archives made it and having Feedburner in place meant that hopefully most of you who are subscribed didn’t have to do anything to your subscriptions–just follow along.

I’m pleased with the new site, though it’s still being redecorated and will be undergoing various changes while I tweak it and rearrange throw pillows. But if you are reading in Google Reader or your inbox or on your Blackberry** pop over and see. It’s purple!

It’ s been about a month long process, with an attempt to initial redirect Blogger to the custom domain being more headache than it was worth, the debate of using WordPress, looking through and installing a theme, and then tweaking, tweaking more, making just one or two changes. Very much like real moving–though at the moment I think the Brunette and Husband would disagree as they are actually schlepping boxes down two very steep flights of stairs.

Anyway, I hopefully now return you to your regularly scheduled hedgehog.

*BTW, Blake = totally super awesome. Seriously.

**Attn: Blonde and Brunette–that’d be you