Blake announced the second LisNews Essay Contest today! Essays are due in August.

I was one of the top three finalists for the first essay contest, writing “Don’t Forget About Us.” It was a wonderful opportunity to get thoughts that had been stewing and generating frustration–put them into coherent order–and put them out to a larger audience than my blog for consumption and feedback.

I got mostly positive feedback with some criticism that my age and generation is showing.  But I’ve never tried to hide my age and the number of gray hairs will only increase. The issue of service to uncategorized adults (post-teen/pre-seniors) still continues to be important, six months later, which these days seems hugely long in the library world.

Not sure yet if I’ll enter round two. I have a couple of thoughts so we’ll see what comes to fruition in the next two weeks.  I hope many other people will enter–there are a lot of people out there with good ideas that need to be shared.