Still working on that Year of Up

A brief check up:

Shape Up: Yah, I know, I’m on the twiglet side of things. That doesn’t mean I’m as in shape as I’d like to be.

  • May 2010: I’ve been doing Zumba once a week. Enjoying it! Need to start doing it at home too, not just class. Also, ordered a pair of Shape-Ups (caught a Skechers sale) to see about making those strolls down the walking trail a bit more productive.
  • September 2010: I’m working on a modified version of Couch to 5K.  There’s a walking/bike trail behind my apartment building. I’m on it three days a week–alternating between walking/jogging. The jog stretches are getting longer and I’m slightly less self conscious.  Slightly.

Clean Up: Get what I’m not using out of the house. It means less to dust around.

  • May 2010: I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff–a trunkload to Goodwill, many trips out to the dumpster, books to the FOTL. And….things fluffed up. *sigh* there’s less stuff. Promise.
  • September 2010: Stuff still slowly leaving. I have a hard time cleaning out books and I really need to make a big trip to the post office and drop a number of packages in the mail.

Move Up: There are professional opportunities out there that I need to be working on/towards. Now if I can just guess what the major trend of ALA Annual 2012 will be….

  • May 2010: I’ve got ideas. Need to work on some action steps.
  • September 2010: Hmm..kinda stalled on this. Working with Madame Storyteller next week on goals/plans. Needs to go back on the to do list.

Speak Up: Blogging, Writing, on Committees.

  • May 2010: Guest Blog at Writer’s Beware!This may be being republished, I’m waiting on an email. I’ve gotten a few of the long thoughts out on the blog. May not change the world over night, but the thoughts have been expressed.
  • September 2010: Published an article in Independent, still have a “do you have ideas” that I need to get back to. Helping presently to set up a knitting guild in for the region.

Use Up: Wool Stash anyone? I’m part of a “5K Stashdown” marathon on Ravelry. As I have eleven times that much, it’s not a huge commitment. I might try for the side bet of knitting up an average of a mile of yarn a month (nearly 20K). If I can get to where it all fits in the tubs, that’d be a huge start. Also–the fabric stash, which is smaller and therefore doesn’t get as much blog time. See my actual blog page for my knit meter.

  • May 2010: I brought a bunch of yarn in for the Knit In swap; I gave a bunch to Our Lady of the Business Office. The stash allllllllllmost fits in the tubs it’s supposed to. Except for some of that stuff I bought when I shouldn’t have gone wool shopping.
  • May 2010: I’ve cleaned out a fair chunk of the romance novel backlog. Not all of them–I still want to read the remaining 40 or so…but the others are either to the FOTL sale or off to the Opera Singer. There are only so many hours in the day to read.
  • Sept 2010: I’ve passed 5K meters knit up for the year but there’s still a lot to be used. Especially when I still shop. I’m getting back to reading those books that I wanted to and I’m going to put some on Paperbackswap and see if I can’t get some out the door.

Cheer Up: Enough with the snark, the griping, and the drama. So 2009. I can’t say cynicism is fully retiring, this is me after all, but maybe not all sarcasm all the time.

  • Hmmm…this one still requiring some effort.
  • An ongoing effort, always.

Save Up: Get the debt paid down and the savings account paid up. And more towards retirement (insert chuckle about a public librarian ever being able to retire *here*).

  • May 2010: Making progress–it’s a slow and steady thing.
  • Sept 2010: The credit card is clear! Hooray! And I wrote checks (rather than putting out the cc) for some recent larger expenses.  Don’t like watching the bank balance go down but far better than turning it over to someone charging me interest.

How are you doing on your goals this year?