Today was PACKING: DAY 1.  There had been some light pruning around Chez Hedgehog (2-3 shelves worth of books to the library booksale, 1 full trunkload to Goodwill).  But in general, I had holiday knitting to accomplish and work to get through.  Yes, I’m aware Christmas is still another month out, thankfully,  but I had plans for people at work and I had a November 19 deadline on those….

I finished the knitting with, uh, no time to spare.  So when the guy came to survey the apartment Friday a.m. (and was 40 minutes late), I was weaving in final ends and delicate chugging coffee after a mere three hours sleep.  I tend to be a tad more impatient and sharp of tongue when I’ve not had a lot of sleep; starting the day with someone running exceedingly late might have brought out my less chipper side.

I woke this morning to add odd sense of “nothing to do. ” This, of course, is not so.  I have many things to do: paperwork to muddle through, checks to deposit, paperwork to shift, an apartment to pack, a cat to freak out with a million boxes, clothing to launder, plants to deal with….  But I didn’t have work or mandatory knitting.  So I slept in a bit and knitted on a sock that I started when AudioGirl was here two weeks ago.

Then came my most daunting task: the cataloging and packing of books.  I meant to do it when I moved up here three years ago. I’ve been meaning to do it for the past three years. I wanted to get all of my books into LibraryThing.  I own a CueCat, this should not be a difficult process, but it had never gotten done.  Today was the day.  I’m now at 654 books, though that may change as I find a few more spare books around the apartment.

The CueCat barcode reader made life much much easier and I listened to podcasts and logged and packed books, taping up boxes and stacking them high.  The final count is 20 boxes of books now and 4-5 of DVDs.  There’s at least one box that I’m not sure I can lift by myself.  It’s got all of my cartoon strip books in it and those are skinny but hefty.  I scooted it to the current spot and so it shall remain until Tuesday.  I now have 654 books in my LibraryThing account.  I learned that I can easily export from LibraryThing into Ravelry, so my Ravelry bookcase has most of my knitting books (they don’t let you add all knitting books–it’s strange, I don’t understand) and all of my knitting magazine back issues.

Gypsy is confused.  She loves that there are new boxes and hops in and out, in and out, though I noticed she stopped doing that quite so much around box 12.  She’s climbing new towers of boxes and chewing on the corners.  Mostly she’s peeved that I’m home and still on the computer all day as this means I am unavailable to entirely devote myself to petting her.

I’ve spaced the book boxes out around the apartment, much as I did when I moved in when the Incredibly Patient Mother reminded me that putting that much weight in any one spot might not be the best idea.  I have sturdy floors and all but still.

I hope they send very strong men.  And I know I’m going to be giving thanks next Thursday for having a moving company so *I* don’t have to haul all these boxes.