We survived the move! All in all it wasn’t that bad, though Tuesday was a comedy of errors and lousy customer service, minus the moving guys.  Jay and Harry were excellent and I am incredibly grateful to have had them carrying all of the boxes.  I even, after the nice gentleman of Eastern European descent (my guess is Ukranian) came yesterday, have internet!

Unpacking is going pretty well.  I’ve downsized space a bit, particularly where closets are concerned and that’s a little frustrating. I’m not sure where to tuck stuff.  I have no doubt this will help me get rid of things but right now it just means I feel cluttered.  All of the food in the kitchen is on a bookshelf as the cabinets are packed with dishes.  This will hopefully mean I’ll use up a bunch of this food and not buy as much/keep as much around–also a good thing long term but challenging short term. I will also, it seems, be getting rid of a lot of  plastic Tupperware/Gladware/etc…

Gypsy’s much happier now that I’ve stopped having complete upheavals of her life and well being every 24 hours.  I need to go online today and turn on her Cat Lo-Jack, I had her microchipped just before we left as she isn’t fond of wearing a collar.  She loves the new deep windowsills that she can sit in and as long as food shows up regularly, a clean litter box is available, and I come home for her to sleep on at night-things will be alright.

I am once again astonished how much I threw out.  I know there were at least 8 very full trashbags of stuff that went out to the garbage in La Crosse–heavy enough that it seemed I’d never get them over the side of the dumpster.  Two shelving units that had been in my kitchen were hauled out when I realized that they were, quite literally, falling to pieces.  I broke a bookcase the day I moved. Inadvertent but hey–one less thing on the truck.  And to my disgust, I had to throw away a perfectly good microwave. Apparently some of the Goodwills don’t take small appliances and by that point the truck had left and I didn’t have space for it in my car, nor internet to put it on Craigslist.

Now the cardboard is leaving in large trips.  And the bubble wrap. And the plastic with air puffs in it that Amazon seems to be using a lot of these days.

And I’m baking again.

Things are well.