A quick look at the first sentences for each month in 2010:

January: Last year was full of challenges, triumphs, sorrows and joys. And, thankfully, it’s over. I’m so ready for a new year… (feeling kind of the same but with different reasons and anticipation)

February: This is my third weekend this month, wrangled around from holiday swaps, usual weekend, and trying not to use all of my vacation time in January. (there was a lot of tired)

March: Checking back in as we’ve gotten through Week 4 of this first session of Wee Reads. (I wonder how my Wee Reads did this session?)

April: Ha…and you thought there would be pictures of my trip to Egypt. (Oh…right, never finished that report did I)

May: Well..that’s one word for my apartment I suppose. (Hogitat)

June: Ivy is a princess in a small southern kingdom with a standard tower/dragon treaty in place: she has to go into the locked tower at 14, be guarded by a dragon from the local flock (clan? herd? flight?), and wait for a prince to show up. (book review–still one of the better kids books I read last year)

July: If one doesn’t go to the opening of the vendor booths on Friday night (where I heard they had some FABULOUS food), one really must go on Saturday so as to acquire ARCs and see the vendors before they are all very tired. (How to get some good freebies at ALA)

August: I got an interesting phone call yesterday from a SLIS student. (Why yes, blogs are important for collection development)

September: Silence can be a sign of too much to say rather than the inverse. (THIS!)

October: It seemed like a fairly typical Sunday midmorning. (Stories that begin this way never turn out normally.)

November: I signed up for NetGalley a while ago (which means, more than six months and less than five years). (Oh right…need to work on that)

December: Since I’ve relocated and all…we’ll revisit in 30 days for the end of the year. (Year of Up)