I’m well into my last day before heading back to work after break.  Before I tackle today’s to-do list….

  • Courtesy of Resource Shelf, I’m considering joining the Transcribe Bentham project, which is a crowdsourcing project transcribing manuscripts from the University College of London.  They’re averaging 100 transcriptions a month and are demonstrating yet another really interesting way that crowdsourcing can speed up discovery.
  • I’m trying to get tumblr to work with LibraryThing to work with a WordPress Widget.  For those of you for whom the previous sentence was not English: I’m trying to get a microblogging service to import my book reviews from my LibraryThing account so as to be able to use a widget built on that microblogging account to pull in a clean version of the reviews onto a book review page here on the blog. I want to start writing more book reviews and I’m not sure if it’s worth cluttering up things here.  As LibraryThing and tumblr aren’t playing nice right now, this may not come to fruition. If it doesn’t, you’ll just have to continue to put up with posts here in the mainstream.  Let me know if this causes you no end of sadness.
  • According to a Keirsey.com I am an INFJ (Counselor).  The description isn’t dead on but it’s also not too far of  a stretch. If that helps you understand me better, yay.
  • Update on the Silkies nonsense.  When someone on the other end of their customer service updated my address, they did so by slapping my new address in front of my old one, so the website read #### New Street ####Old Street.  So the 2nd package never showed up either.  And since I get home around 6 p.m. Central and their customer service closes at 7 p.m. Eastern, I was rather up a creek. I sent another email, detailing my frustrations with the general ineptitude and asking if perhaps at some point I might not actually get some hosiery out of all of this.  They canceled the second order (which never arrived) and refunded me for the first missing order.  They have not, however, emailed me back.  I’m not pleased, but I’m willing to call it even for now.
  • I have a challenging bathroom.  Oh, it’s lovely–don’t get me wrong, but there is only undersink storage. I’d like to put up some kind of over toilet shelving and some storage in the corner where the cat box is. Only, the over the toilet spacesavers are all 24-25″ wide and I’m dealing with a 23″ space. Exactly 23″. No, I can’t do 23.4″ inches. The cat corner is 21″ and one wall of it is the glass shower, to which nothing can be attached.  I could round up various small cabinets that could sit on the floor in the latter space but there’s not really a better place in the apartment for aforementioned cat box.  My landlord said when I moved in that it was okay if I put something up in there, he was originally planning some shelves. At present I’m rummaging around the Container Store and contemplating the purchase of a stud finder.  I will also be paging various friends with drills to come and help once I figure out what I want. It’s going to need to be soon though, the clutter in the bathroom is driving me batty.
  • I participate in a social network called Plurk. It’s primarily knitters over there.  For whatever reason, for the past two days, whenever someone has updated–it’s frozen the rest of the browser until I click over and then back. This makes me far less inclined to leave that browser window open.

Current Reading: Printer’s Devil by Paul Bajoria