Had a snow day today, what with Chicago shutting down for the 20″ of snow.  Gypsy and I spent the day hanging out here and we’re just to the point of getting on each other’s nerves, which must mean it’s bedtime.

I did go out and at least make a first pass towards shoveling out the car, with a neighbor’s help.  I’m parked on the street and dug out all the way around. They haven’t plowed my street yet though, or hadn’t at 5:30 p.m., and I don’t really expect they will before tomorrow (side street near Logan Square–not happening), but this meant that we got a path cleared around the car before it all got heavy and dense. I’m sure there will be more shoveling over the next two-three days.

Gypsy got a chance to see the snow, she watched some of the kids who live in my building frolicking this afternoon, and later I opened the back door and let her look out.

Gypsy Contemplating the Snow

She was brave enough to hop into the snow and check it out but temperatures are rapidly falling here and I was cold, so I cut short her adventures.

Gypsy Playing in the Snow

Tomorrow’s commute is on and it’s supposed to be -3F when I leave the house. I think that calls for long underwear, don’t you?