So much to share….  I do like keeping things to Fridays though, it (a) gives me a deadline and (b) in some interesting world that I don’t seem to be in at the moment means I can blog about other things throughout the week. Also, I do have a real post for you, not just the tidbits, it’s coming.

  • Datashirts! Their tagline is By Data Scientists for Data Scientists and they are amusing enough that I wish I could requisition a few notebooks*.  Fortunately, the Philosopher and Sibling-the-Younger both enjoy the occasional ironic t-shirt. Adding this bookmark for birthday shopping. (Hat tip to a retweet from @cpikas)
  • Dilbert (Scott Adams) points to the barriers we anticipate being in place to prevent us accessing data.  While he hasn’t particularly pursued the data privacy/access issues–it caught my eye as what we feel like we’re facing with access to data.
  • How to teach old data new tricks? By Aligning Databases, Scientists Match Old Drugs with New Diseases from Discovery.
  • Vivuk Kendra has left public service as the nation’s first Chief Information Officer.  Read his reflections. 


Want to work in Data? 

This week, USAJobs had a posting for a Data Modeler for the Railroad Retirement Board.  The description says one would “participate with the supervisory data manager and senior analysts/data administrators in controlling the development and maintenances of the data in a very large repository for the Railroad Retirement Board.”  I wonder if that repository is open to being searched? Job ID is 11-DEU-10 514692MW in case that link doesn’t work.

Also, Duke University Libraries is looking for a Data Visualization Coordinator.  I wonder if that person will get to spend their day trying to create  things cool enough to be posted on this blog (safe for work–but the name will bring spam)

DePaul University is looking for a Digital Archivist Librarian, and the job definitely is looking into data. I met a couple DePaul librarians at Code4Lib-MW and it sounds like a lot of new and exciting things are happening there. They’ve changed/added a lot of new staff in the past couple of years.  Plus, you’d get to be near me!

I’m certainly not alone paying attention to jobs in data–Lorcan Dempsey has a post with job links and some other of his usual brilliance as well. 


*I’d say mugs but I’ve developed a large collection of coffee cups over the years and at present I only want to add Starbucks City mugs or maybe one from Jennie the Potter.