Cheers to everyone who’s come over from Mod Librarian and thank you for the link love!

This week in Data:

  • The DataCite Summer Meeting just happened. This is out of London by way of the German National Library of Science and Technology and includes some rather large names in the US: Purdue, the Office of Science and Technical Information at the US Dept of Energy, and Microsoft Research among others. It looks like they are working with DOIs to identify data and they have a metadata search available to help researchers find data sets! This looks like an excellent collaboration between government entities and universities.  They also have a handy repository list that I’m bookmarking. 
  • And while we’re talking about all this need to open data, make data searchable, support discovery and use of data, we must also step back and ask the question “when will we need the data?”  The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation are asking just that.  There aren’t too many ideas yet, go check out what’s been posted and add yours! (Thank you BoingBoing for the tip!)

Who is Talking about Data?

I started following @joan_starr this week while she was a the Data Cite Meeting. She pointed out that we need to be training librarians to work with data.  I liked @reporat’s response.

Want to Work in Data?

Library Data and Support Specialist at Equinox–I saw this via Code4Lib.  It’d be on the vendor side but certainly could be a really cool opportunity.