Either the flood waters are rising or I’m just more observant (probably a combination of the two) but there seem to be quite a high number of library jobs with data responsibilities coming out these days. Bear with me while we have this midweek catch up and I clear out the queue….


Here in Chicago is ByteManager’s–who apparently will handle all of your data needs for you! This is more business than academic or library focused, but I saw jobs on LibGig for a Data Analyst and a Content Project Manager and an Information Architect.  If you’re interested in going private sector, might give them a call. (I did have a #SpockEyebrow moment when I read the IA description. It’s flippant, amusing but I could see it being a turn off for some candidates.)

Also down the street from me is the Newberry Library and they are seeking a Digital Collections Librarian. Bring your metadata and data manipulation skills to downtown Chicago! This is one of the few positions I’ve seen at Newberry that didn’t call for a second masters.  Oh Digital Humanities Librarians….

Or you could work just to the north at Northwestern as the Assistant Head of the Digital Collections Department! You’d just be a short purple train ride away and I do keep meaning to get over to interview one of their librarians.  Also would like to figure out world peace.

Purdue is hiring a Metadata Specialist and they are specifically looking for someone to work on linked data.

Grand Valley State University Libraries has two positions open! Assist/Assoc Librarian: Data Management Services and Assist/Assoc Librarian: Digital Initiatives –and from the looks of the descriptions (you do need to click all the way through to Grand Valley’s search) I think they’ll be working hand in glove.  Apply with a friend!

In the future we’ll all have to be a Digital Data Outreach Librarian, but for now, Washington University Libraries in St. Louis is looking for one.  WashU has a beautiful campus!

Northeast and MidAtlantic

MIT is looking for a new Maps and GIS Librarian. Many many opportunities to lay data over maps, figure out urban planning and lots of other cool things to do! You will need to be able to get a government security clearance (which just made that job sound even more interesting!).

Do you like metadata and health information? The University of Virginia Health Sciences Library is looking for an expert in all of the various metadata languages and permutations.  This job also has open access in the description, hopefully for all the data their professors are collecting.

Boston Public Library is looking a Digital Library Repository Developer. This job ad sparked a long conversation on Code4Lib about what actual responsibilities are and led to a number of other conversations that are still lingering a bit over there. This is a systems position rather than a more access/reference type position.

Washington Reseach Library Consortium is looking for a Digital Projects Coordinator to wrangle metadata and work on best practices for a 9-university consortium in the DC area.  Interesting….I seem to recall thinking that we’d see consortia come out of this.

West of the Mississippi

Boise State is hiring a Digital Access Librarian and Assistant or Associate Professor .  While I didn’t actually see the word data anywhere in there, I do see a lot about “emerging trends”–which to me says Data all over it.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen the position E-sciences Librarian for Engineering before.  Many job ads mention E-Science but Kansas State’s job ad has it right in the title!

I’m going out on a limb only a little I think when I add the Digital Collections Librarian for California State University Channel Islands.  Like Boise, the focus is on digital–but not necessarily specifically data.  Still, that’s part of the current trends, so I’d be ready for it at the interviews.

It’s a sign of when I grew up and what I was exposed to that when I hear Reno, Nevada–I think of Sister Act. The University of Nevada, Reno, is looking for a Knowledge Access & Discovery Librarian, which I think is a very cool title. It’s a new position, so you’d probably have some opportunities to carve things out, hopefully with a lot of support from other librarians.

Go forth and apply data librarians! Then tell me when you get the jobs so I can set up an interview with you in a few months to see what you’re doing.