Sorry for the absence of Data on Fridays…certainly not for lack of data related things. There was a celebration of a few more gray hairs and I’ve just come back from a much needed week away. I barely checked my home email and work email wasn’t touched at all for an entire week!  I am fortunate in my coworkers that while I came back to nearly 400 emails, none of them had any sense of panic at not being able to reach me.  I’ll get you all a couple pictures justa s soon as I locate where on earth I put my camera. It’s in the apartment somewhere.

But that’s not why you’re here, is it?  Alright….back to our data tidbits.

Conferences and Continuing Education

UC-Davis Medical Center is having E-Science Day: An Opportunity for Education & Networking on December 6.  I wish I could go but it’s a bit of a drive. Deadline to register is Tuesday, so hop to it if you’re able to go! They’ve got a really interesting group of speakers, so if anyone is going to be blogging it, please let me know.

However, I can go to the Medical Library Association Webinar on Connecting E-science and Team Science: The Changing Nature of Research on Friday, November 18, 2011 (1-2:30 Central).  You can too!! It’s $75 for an individual and worth 1.5 CE hours if you need those.
Even the Comics:

You know something has gone mainstream when you start seeing it in the major comics, right?

This week Dilbert asked about the definition of digital curation and I saw another one in 9-5, elephants being the specialists in data retention! Since I collect elephants, that sounds like just the right spot for me. 🙂