My inbox and feedreader runneth over; here we go by region:


  • California, do y’all consider yourselves Northwest or Southwest?  Stanford seems pretty close to the middle, but slightly more northernly, so that’s where it is for now. And they are hiring a Science Data Librarian.  I was really caught by who this person will report to: Assistant Director of Geospatial, Cartographic and Scientific Data & Services.  This doesn’t feel like a single person house, but a team effort!! Good job Stanford!  Word of caution to applicants: they require at minimum an undergraduate degree in engineering or the sciences. An MLS, however, is optional if you have data management skills.  I have mixed feelings about that.
  • Oregon State (very definitely what I think of for Northwest!) is looking for a Data Management Librarian.  This is a newly funded position, by the job description, and fits into the Center for Digital Scholarship and Service.  I would be interested to know how many people work there, what all their roles are, and what exactly the repository responsibilities for this position are–the ad is not clear if management of the repo is part of the job or coordination with the manager.
  • I have to admit I’d never heard of Merced, CA before I saw this job ad.  There are many cities I’ve never heard of though, so we’ll mark it off that list and onto one that is hiring a Digital Curation Librarian of their UofC campus. @SheReads says San Jose is northern and it’s near there, so ….Northwest it is.  They are looking for someone with “Knowledge of data management issues and trends including knowledge of applications for organizing and managing research data” so if you’re looking for a way to move into data, this might be a good position for you.
  • The University of New Mexico is hiring two data positions. I’ve given you the ALA JobList links but do click through, there’s a lot more to read.  First up is a Inter-American Studies Data and Outreach Librarian, which is quite a mouthful. About half of this job seems to be gathering data from the researchers (Spanish fluency is  a must for this job!) and working with the second position they are hiring, a Data Curation Librarian. It’s nice to see them consider data more than one person’s job and to be recruiting thusly. Apply with a friend?
  • When I think of mining, I have images of men in hard hats or a romanticized view of the gold rush in the 1840s;  Texas, however, seems to be thinking of data.  It’s an apt comparison. So if you’d like to be a Data Mining Scientist for Apple in Texas…. here you go.


  • Got a thing for Geospatial Data? How do you feel about BBQ? UNC Chapel Hill is looking for a GIS Librarian to join their Data Services section. (Another place dedicating more than 1 person!)


  • Barnard is looking for a Data Librarian and Manager of the Empirical Reasoning Lab.  If I were job hunting, I would apply just so I could have Empirical Reasoning Lab Manager on my business cards!!  It’s a fantastic title.  And you get to have minions (read: grad and undergrad fellows)! If that doesn’t call for a lab jacket and the occasional maniacal chuckle, I’m doing it wrong.
  • It’s easy to spend a lot of time on business or scientific or STEM when one is talking about data but the Digital Humanities has a huge wealth of data curation that’s also going to need to happen.  And Virginia Tech Libraries is seeking a College Librarian for Humanities and Digital Humanities (apologies for the generic link, I saw the job on the Alisjobs list).
  • Speaking of Digital Humanities, Rutgers is hiring such a librarian for the John Cotton Dana Library. They have a library program there and with four other schools in the region, competition should be high for this.  If you get it, swing by the SLIS Program and say hi to Dr. Velucci for me, would you?
  • If you’re interested in long time temp work in NY where they’d be happy to give some hands on training,  check out the Data Analyst-Metadata-XML Assistant from AMC.  They specifically say they’re willing to train. It’s not a full time permanent job but the salary is not horrendous. I’ve seen much worse.
  • And if you’re more recently graduated than I am, check out this e-Research Librarian (Post-Master’s Program) from the University of Maryland. You’ll need to be a 12/08 or later MLIS grad. Wish they had something like this for those of us trying to learn on the job and on the fly.
  • Ireland just doesn’t fit in any of those other categories and I have to say I’m surprised where I found this–the IU SLIS Job List, particularly as they requite a Doctorate.  But at least they’re going for a wide group of applicants.  This posting is for a Researcher – Social Semantic Web for IBM’s Dublin Research Lab.  (Apple and IBM in one week! Go figure).  Included in the job description is this goal
    “We are creating and leveraging Social Media and Web 2.0 software tools that help to capture, organize and benefit from the wealth of city data being generated by urban and environmental sensors, including citizen-contributed data.”


Something interesting to consider: this list doesn’t include some of the other job titles I’ve seen that used the words metadata and digital in their titles. Some have been more focused on electronic resources rather than data and while that will go hand in hand, a hedgehog has to make a cut off somewhere.