It’s almost all cold weather jobs this week: NY, CT, MN, WI. That may not appeal when we’re already wearing heavy coats, though in Chicago we’re still curious as to when to expect the snow to start making our sidewalks treacherous. Flurries are expected today (watch, we’ll get a foot) but then it’s back to the 40s over the weekend. Not that I am complaining. I am certainly enjoying wearing only two layers of wool to work. The down coat has not yet been evoked.

If you’re reading from Australia or have the yearning to move down under, the University of New South Wales is specifically looking for a Data Librarian.  The job closes TODAY though!!

Ah yes, among all of the hard science data pouring out of chemistry labs and medical types, we musn’t forget the social sciences.  Brown University is looking for a Social Sciences Data Librarian, with emphasis on maps, statistics, and such.  Please make sure you have experience with SPSS, Stata, SAS or similar software if you’re applying! (Due 12/31)

If I were headed back to school, I might consider an E-Science PhD Fellowship.  This is from the Information School at Syracuse. They are recruiting a total of six new students.

Could be data?  My library is hiring a Resource and Acquisitions Management Librarian. While it’s not specifically focused on data, I wouldn’t be surprised to find some data responsibilities sneaking in over the next few years.  I’m happy to answer what questions I can, please let me know. (Due 12/31)

Have a hankering to move to Connecticut? Yale is looking for a Science Research Support Librarian and they’re specifically looking for someone who knows about and is interesting in data.  Case in point, from the job ad “The incumbent provides consultation and instruction in the discovery, use and management of locally and externally available science datasets. Collaborates with librarians, GIS specialists, and StatLab staff to develop scalable, sustainable, and domain-appropriate data services in support of science research at Yale. ” 

George Mason, on the other hand, just put it in the job title. They’re hiring a Data Services Research Consultant. This is not necessarily an MLS position, at least they don’t require one, but they are looking for an advanced degree and would prefer a PhD.

Our near neighbors to the north, UW-Milwaukee, are looking for an Assistant Director of User and Research Services. They’re hoping to find someone with “Experience in working with faculty to support institutional repository participation and developing data curation strategies.” That’s a preferred qualification, probably because we’re still kind of thin on the ground with those people.

arXiv is hiring! I think 18 months ago I’d never heard of it and now hearing that one could be an arXiv Senior Administrator/Project Associate II-16516 sounds fascinating. It’s only a three year appointment, with potential for renewal, so that’s something to keep in mind before you head off to Cornell.

and finally…

The University of Minnesota is hiring Science Librarians for two of their campuses! Pack your long underwear and head off to the 1000 Lakes, they’re looking for people who can support data management plan education.