We’ve gotten through the holidays, time to get back on the job market, right?

University of Arkansas Geosciences and Maps Librarian.  The GIS people are already data hounds. This one has an interesting set of either/or on the requirements, but ultimately they want four years of experience. Hopefully they’ll appreciate the other universities who have given their candidates those early years! [Deadline 1/13]

For those who are interested in GIS but don’t have much professional experience yet (<2 years) the University of Southern California has a GIS Fellowship program.

Also, Yale is looking for a GIS Librarian, but only for a year? They only are asking for a year’s experience, so it’s good for someone with no much experience but it’s not clear why they are only looking at a temporary appointment.

Emory in Atlanta is well aware of the need for Data Expertise–they’re looking for a Data Management Specialist. Notice that I don’t say Librarian–this job does not call for a library degree. While it’ll be in the library, it looks very focused on  researchers. This person will be part of the Electronic Data Center, about which I apparently need to learn more….[Review started on Dec 15, but the posting went up on LibGig on Dec 20, so you might still apply]

Data and e-science only show up in the preferred category for a Physics Optics Astronomy Librarian at the University of Rochester. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a job ad for just those three areas before, could be fun!

I also don’t see that many Digital Humanities positions, but this Assistant Director position at  The Center for the Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences (at Michigan State). Looks like it’s well established and has a lot of opportunities.  Also, an MLS is not required for this position.

If you’re interested in middle America, they need Physical Sciences Librarian at the University of Akron.  One of the required qualifications is expertise in electronic access to data and Web-based information services. It’s a little of everything with a wish for a chemistry degree on top of it.  It would be interesting to find out how best to recruit chem majors away from engineering, medicine, and other six figure salaried programs into SLIS programs.  No particular experience requirements listed, though academic/special is preferred. [Deadline 2/15]

Another Fellowship position, this time at OCLC.  They’re looking for applicants to the OCLC Diversity Fellowship Program Position in the Research Division.  It looks like a very interesting mix  and with a number of research areas that you could explore. Coding and Linux skills are required. [Deadline 2/28]

I’ll list the Head of Research Services position at Ohio State University but with a little reservation. It sounds like a Head of Reference with a lot of extra things tacked on and oh, some data stuff too because we need that too.  Also, I wonder about the preferred qualification of “Capacity for Change Leadership.”  I’d be curious what the one/six/twelve month goals of the position are as articulated by the head of the library.

Finally, and on the corporate side, there’s the Digital Library Lead at Merck. I read this and thought it sounded like quite an interesting opportunity.  If you could get a really good data repository at a company like Merck, I bet it would go a long way in their Knowledge Discovery/Management efforts.  Office space at one of three locations in New Jersey.


In the category of “should be doesn’t mention data” we have

  • Social Science Librarian at Northeastern Illinois. This job description leaves a fair amount to be desired, I can’t decide if  they were trying to make it as broad as possible to test the waters or if they aren’t clear what all it will entail. I also find it odd that they require a second masters but not library experience.  Bonus though, if you get the job you’re nearby and we can have dinner! [Deadline 2/1]
  • California State Polytechnic is hiring a Digital Initiatives Librarian.  This will probably have a data component, but it’s not spelled out. It does mention Open Access though, which is a new trend in job ads…. [Deadline 3/2]
  • Eastern Washington University is hiring a Science, Engineering & Emerging Technologies Librarian.  Interestingly, this one is an 11 month appointment. I’m guessing two weeks off at Christmas and two weeks during the summer and I hope that’s when you wanted to take your holidays? [Review started January 3 but is still ongoing, write your cover letter quickly!]
  • Behavioral Sciences Librarian at Princeton University.  They asked in the preferred section for “demonstrated knowledge of science research and publication trends,” which has all sorts of broad possibilities.  Oh, and they’re also looking for a Biological Sciences Librarian. [Both Deadline 1/9]
  • The University of California, Santa Cruz is looking for a Collection Development/Scholarly Communications Librarian . What’s not immediately apparent from the title is that this is collection development for Physical/Bio Sciences and Engineering.  That plus Scholarly Communications in my book means you’re going to need some data awareness.  [Available 4/15–not clear on app closing date]