I’m leaving for Dallas in a couple of hours. It’ll be my first Midwinter. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees warmer in Dallas tomorrow than it is presently in Chicago.

Here’s my approximate schedule if you’re looking for me. Tweeting @hedgielib or calling my cell if you have it will be the best way to reach me. Watch for the trailing yarn.


Fly in, arrive around 1 p.m.
Go to the Sheraton Dallas, drop everything off, have a short nap
4-5: LITA 201
5-whenever MC calls me for dinner: LITA Happy Hour


8-12 LITA All Chairs Meeting/Office Hours/PPC Not-Meeting
My committee is not really meeting at this conference. Yes, I still owe you all another post about that.
12-??  Lunch. I need plans. Who’s free?
Afternoon: Roaming the exhibits, asking pointed questions about RWA, SOPA, and PIPA.
Evening: More dinner plans. LSW people, call MC or I.  


8-10: Invade the LearnRT Board Meeting. Get Maurice Coleman’s help in bringing up some LITA PPC stuff. 10:30-12: The Role of Metadata Standards in Scientific Data Publishing: Part One (ACRL STS)
12:30 Lunch with Rudi
Afternoon: Possible running amuck in Dallas. Or I may get drug into another meeting. Who knows.
Evening: Library Boing Boing Event. I need dinner plans for Sunday. 


7-10 Debate why I got up this early to hear about the Newbery, which I will most likely not have heard of nor read yet. My children’s librarian capabilities are seriously slipping.
10-12: Check out of the hotel.
12-4: Run amuck in Dallas before heading to the airport.
7:30: Hopefully fly back to Chicago, assuming weather cooperates.

Gypsy and Pyewacket will be under the supervision of the Trombone Player. They’ll be getting hours of playing with their favorite rope toy. I doubt I’ll be missed at all.