Happy Friday! If  you only come by on Friday, I’ve changed up the Data posting a little bit. I’m going to publish things as I get them written–but jobs will still be gathered and posted on Fridays.  Please see the data tab up there (points to header on blog) if you’re looking for what I’ve written about insofar as data this week.

Also, while I’m posting about library data jobs here, but there are certainly a lot of other interesting job posts that revolve around data. I’ve started following the KD Nuggets News, which has a lot of those jobs and many other posts that I think would be relevant to librarians working with data.

Oh…and this isn’t a data position, but we have a job open in my building.  Email me if you have questions, I am not on the search committee.  And yes, you are going to need some kind of medical information/librarian experience for this–you’ll be doing rounds at the hospital.

Alright, enough of these floating around that we’re going to go by region this week….


  • The University of California, Santa Barbara is hiring an Economics, Business and Social Sciences Data Librarian. I think what initially struck me about this post is that it isn’t the very common hard sciences/STEM postings that we’re seeing a lot of other places.  As I’ve seen it at least one place that 2012 is the “Year of Big Data” for the business world, I imagine this will be a busy librarian. [Deadline 2/6]
  • Speaking of STEM positions, CSU East Bay is hiring for a STEM Librarian.


  • Illinois State University is hiring a Data Librarian. They are requiring experience working with a digital repository and/or a data curation project.  You will need to have or acquire a second masters for tenure. I assume you get tuition remission?
  • The University of Michigan is hiring! (And I just heard a lot of ears perk up–I know I was very interested in reading this ad, I see lots of interesting things and people coming out of UMich) This is actually a Digital Preservation Librarian position and doesn’t exactly mention data, but I’m sure it will involve it.  Digital preservation and scientific data go hand in hand these days. You’d get to work with the Hathi Trust.  That sounds very fascinating.
  • When the job description includes  “Develop educational and research-related aids for researchers in such areas as Molecular Medicine and Genetics; Biomedical Physics; Nanobioscience; Cell Biology and Cytogenetics; and Neurobiology;” I really hope they got someone with solid data chops.  This is for Shiffman Medical Library at Wayne State, where the candidate will have the title of Biomedical and Translational Science Librarian. (Also, if anyone from WSU is reading this, I couldn’t find any job links on the library home page.  Do you not do that?)
  • Case Western is looking for a Team Leader, Scholarly Resources & Special Collections. The job description focuses heavily on the Special Collections portion of it. I would be very interested in hearing more about the Scholarly Resources part.
  • The College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, in Minnesota is looking for a Science Librarian. These days, that means data wrangling, and it’s in the preferred qualifications.  No salary or closed date posted.
  • The University of Kansas is looking for an E-Science Engineering Librarian. What’s really nice is this job reports to the Head of Data Initiatives and Maps. While it looks like there are a lot of opportunities to grow in this position, it doesn’t look like you’d be doing it without support. Also, they don’t require previous experience. [Deadline 3/12] (P.S.–their HR website needs some help–things escaping their sections and frames all over the place)


  • LeHigh University in Pennsylvania is looking for a Business/Data Librarian and they are requiring experience.  I’ve driven through Bethlehem a few times on the way to and from New York, but that’s my only experience with it.  Salary is listed and it’s okay.  One question I would ask, that isn’t clear from the posting, is who is responsible for the institutional repository. They say it’s “developing.” What does that mean? They started reviewing apps on Wednesday and will do so through [Deadline 2/29]
  • SUNY Binghamton is hiring an Engineering Librarian and it’s an entry level position.  I’m not thrilled that I had to download a word doc to get the full description and this one doesn’t specifically mention data, but I’d list it in those other duties as assigned.  Review started on Wednesday, so get things in.
  • When reading the Business Librarian position description for UPenn, I came across the phrase “Librarian B.”  I’m sure it’s just a typo, but it makes me wonder who Librarians A and C are.  This looks like a similar sort of position to LeHigh, but not as explicit about the need to know/wrangle data.


  • Georgetown has two positions that will have data components: a Science Librarian and a Public Policy Data Librarian.  The Public Policy job is more focused on Economics and Sociology but I think there would be some strong opportunities for these two positions (in different libraries) to work together.  My only caveat is I didn’t see a salary range listed. Hopefully the ideal candidate will find it with a little more judicious searching on their website. (Close date not listed, but this went live 1/31)
  • George Mason in VA is hiring a Business/Economics Librarian.  Data, with GIS specifically mentioned, comes up in the preferred qualifications.  [Deadline 2/17]
  • UNC-Charlotte is hiring a Social Sciences Librarian. There’s a lot of social science use of data or potential use of data out there. [Due 3/1]
  • The University of Texas at El Paso is hiring a STEM librarian.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library is hiring a Digital Library Architect.  What I really liked about this job ad is that it gave you what they were looking for and outlined their ideal candidate without making it so limiting that someone relatively new didn’t feel unwelcome.  They want someone to help them build a sustainable infrastructure. It almost makes me want to move to NM.
  • The University of Houston is looking for two librarians who will work with data, a Metadata Coordinator and a Chemical Sciences Librarian. UH is one of my new partner libraries as part of the  Greater Western Library Alliance (aka GWLA–pronounced GoWalla) now that UIC isn’t part of the CIC anymore.  At least for the ChemSci position, entry level is welcome to apply!
  • Emory University is looking for a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship (Digital Humanities).  I don’t imagine that will mean most of my readers are qualified (unless all of you are carrying around PhDs I don’t know about ), but it’s interesting to see what else is out there and find out where the future Digital Humanities Scholars are getting their feet wet. Also, it says this position will work closely with the librarians at Emory. Hopefully when they leave Emory, they’ll take that close relationship to their next position. [Deadline 3/1]



If you’re interested in Data but moreso from the systems, side, you might review the job ad from Index Data.  I’ve only seen this job posting on Code4Lib, not the rest of the usual library job boards.  They are looking for part time people and it’s a virtual office, so this would be a work-from-home proposition. I’m not finding a link for the job ad itself, but the home email address is jobs@indexdata.com.