It’s interesting to see how Data is creeping more into job titles. See this week’s examples:

Simon Fraser University Library is looking for a Data Curator. I was trying to figure out why the only place I’ve seen this was on the Code4Lib List, I think it’s probably because it’s in Canada. If I’m reading the job ad correctly, they got seed money from the University to get research data initiatives off and running. That sounds great, I just hope it comes with some sustainability  money.   [Deadline 2/23]

Yale is looking for a Head, Digital Projects & Metadata, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. While curation of datasets isn’t particularly spelled out, I would imagine this person should be working across divisions of people who will be worried about such things.

Middlebury College in Vermont isn’t playing around, they’re hiring a Science Data Librarian. It’s a very flexible job position, so someone ambitious without a lot of on-paper experience should certainly be considering applying.  If you get the job let me know if I can come visit and obtain some Maple Syrup.

Wooster College in Ohio is hiring a Science Librarian and they’re looking for someone who can bring “Experience using and supporting GIS Experience using and supporting other library-related technologies (e.g. bioinformatics, data curation, institutional repositories).” That being said, they don’t list a specific requirement for experience, just that they would like some and it really should be in science already.

Hmm, here’s a job from slightly left field. The Federal Reserve in NY looking for a Data and Electronic Content Librarian.  They’re looking for someone with experience working with data in the financial field.  (You can register for the SLA Career Center without being a SLA member.)

Purdue University in Indiana is looking for a Head, Resource Services.  This looks a little more big picture than actual day to day that many of the jobs I’ve posted, but we certainaly need people who are interested in and thinking about Data on the Department Head Level.  Can you work on “Development of strategic directions and priorities related to making scholarly information resources accessible to the Purdue community” without thinking about data? With all of their engineering programs, I doubt it.