Google has started showing me ads for “How to be come a Data Scientist.”  I think we might be onto something.  Also, I’m starting to check old posts when university names sound familiar–though it seems to be mostly complementary positions, not turn over or failed searches. I’m optimistic.

But before we get into the regular job ads: DataOne has internships open! Go apply right now! There’s some money behind it and they’re looking for within less than 5 years since you got your last degree.  Heather Piwowar and my Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology are both part of DataOne and I recommend them to you.  Go forth.

  • Harvard Business School is hiring a Director of IT and Information Products for their library. I’m interested to see how this one shakes out, what with the upcoming transitions that are happening at Harvard Libraries.  No doubt, the candidates will be asking about that as well. (Data not explicit mentioned but data and business are peanut butter and strawberry jam and IT will need to work on the infrastructure if they’re storing it.)
  • UC-Davis is hiring an Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Librarian. My first thought was, I wonder if Purdue has one of those. I was a 4-H kid, though with more emphasis on the craft projects and bread making than the animal showing and there were a lot of agri interested people involved with it.  The library employment website shows that they just hired a new department head for Agricultural, Enviro, Physical, and Engineering Libraries–so perhaps this is to replace a person who has moved up in the ranks?  That job closed in October. This one technically closed today (sorry) but they did say accepting til filled? Maybe if you get something in by Monday?
  • So, either Purdue is hiring a LOT of Metadata Specialists (a hopeful possibility) or this one looks like a failed search. I have this job posted on the September 23 jobs listing. But I have it here again now.  Anyway, Purdue and Metadata?  Yay? I haven’t done a granular analysis to see if this is a substantially different job ad nor have I called anyone at Purdue. Hopefully if it was a failed, they’ll get excellent candidates this time. Go forth.
  • Last fall we saw a job from Washington University in Saint Louis that was for a Digital Data Outreach Librarian. Now, they’re looking for a Subject and Instruction Librarian in Engineering.
  • At Swarthmore College, in Pennsylvania, they are seeking a Social Sciences Librarian.  It looks like you’d get to collaborate with other regional colleges: Bryn Mawr and Haverford. Maybe compiling data repositories together if you build them? I’m curious how many social science post docs there are though who also have an MLS.
  • Are you interested in getting data out of undergrads and helping them to find some? Go work for Jenica.  She (well, okay SUNY Potsdam) is hiring a Discovery Metadata Librarian. There is not an experience requirement on this one, so if you’re in final semester of your MLS, get your job ad out to her!
  • When I think of Marquette University, I think of their Dentistry school. At the moment though, they are looking for a Coordinator of Digital Services.  It’s an ambitious position, this person will “Manage and coordinate assigned projects for all Libraries digital initiatives, including training and supervising staff in processes and procedures, workflow management, metadata creation, web design and digital preservation” and the coordination seems to be for the library, not coordinating staff.
  • And finally, for this week, Northern Illinois University is hiring a Metadata Catalog Librarian.  This is a brand new position and looks a little more traditional cataloging than I usually include, but I was reminded today by a colleague that the catalogers really need to be involved in the data we’re taking into the library.
I’m cutting you off at 10 + intern this week….more next week!