Part of me is so incredibly grateful that it is Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow until 9 a.m. The rest of me is staring at my desk wondering if I can squeeze another 3-4 days into this week.

Brown University appears to be doing some very interesting things. Earlier, I’d posted about their Social Sciences Data Librarian position. That closed with the new year so I would guess that they are probably doing in person interviews if an offer hasn’t already been made.  Now, they are looking for a Data Visualization Coordinator. We’re seeing a rise in these positions, this is the third or fourth with that specific title that I’ve seen in the past couple of months. This person will oversee the brand new Digital Scholarship Lab, but does not appear to be in a supervisory capacity.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is looking for a Library GIS Specialist and Systems Administrator.  For all that data sets will probably effect systems departments, web librarians, etc, this is a fairly rare position in that it actually talks about it. MLS preferred but not required, but having worked in a library IT department before is.

Washington University in St. Louis has a position up for a GIS Librarian.  They’ve had a couple others recently that were data related as wellI will add that potential candidates should have a look a close look at the goals of the director, who recently left McMaster.

I was asked after my presentation last week if I saw temp/contract jobs. Generally speaking, not on the job lists that I read. And that makes sense, most of the temp type of jobs–data clean up etc aren’t going to be posted on library listservs. There was this one for a Data Indexer from UW’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. It’s only a 9 month gig and there are some ambitious responsibilities.

Tuft’s is hiring a Research, Instruction and Data Sciences Librarian for the Social Sciences.  This looks like a transitional position, they’ve put the data requirements in the preferred as opposed to the required. So if you’ve got some work experience and would like to move further into data, this might be a good way to go.

Here’s a new title to me: Data Acquisitions Librarian.  This is for the Federal Reserve and focuses primarily on financial, business, economic, etc data. Job description includes “The librarian will work closely with two colleagues to manage the Board’s portfolio of data resources. ”  It’s a very different idea of collection development…

A couple of metadata jobs

Metadata jobs are a little tricky for me. On one hand, I think OF COURSE they are data jobs. But so many of them read as more traditional cataloging positions that have been renamed.  It’s not clear if they will actually be getting to work with data sets and doing actual data curation.  Certainly something for the savvy candidate to ask about.

For example, the University of Miami is hiring a Metadata Librarian. The description focuses very heavily on digital collections and scholarship but then also talks about copy cataloging.  I suppose that’s the default “and everyone will have to work the ref desk” of public services?

Then there’s the Metadata Librarian at Hope College in Michigan. That job description comes with everything including the kitchen sink–liaison, ref desk, digital assets management–but focuses mostly on cataloging.

I couldn’t really leave out Yale’s Head of Digital Projects and Metadata. This is probably much closer to the other data jobs I post. Or at least I would think a data librarian or two might report to them?  There are a lot of names and collaboratives and reporting structures in the job ad.

Then there’s metadata with a more systems side, which is what we see for the Metadata Technology Specialist for NYU.

Data isn’t mentioned but...

There are a lot of jobs out there these days that will probably have some data science components to them but where it’s not explicitly mentioned in the job ad. If you have some interest in data but aren’t quite ready to go whole hedgehog, these might appeal to you more…

For example, the University of Vermont is looking for a Health Sciences Education Librarian. Obviously I see a role for medical librarians with data sets and with the announcements from the White House yesterday, I don’t see that role going away any time soon.  Also, judgmental me notices they don’t include a salary on the job….

Continuing the medical vein, the College of American Pathologists is looking for a Medical Librarian. This job prefers AHIP certification (continuing ed and improvement for the non med-libs–it’s from MLA) and alerts to some travel.

I’m always amused at job postings in Guam. Today, the University of Guam is looking for a Government Resources and Research Librarian.  Again, see the posting from yesterday as well as Data.Gov.  There’s a lot of government data out there that needs to be wrangled. I was looking on their website to find more information but everything past the front page is sending me error messages.

Cornell College (in Iowa, not New York) is looking for a Social Sciences Librarian.  This librarian will be working with the Quantitative Reasoning staff, so it stands there will be some data work involved.


Lots more to follow–digging through the backlog…