I’m doing a lot of upstream swimming right now, day after day after day of working all day and being frustrated as I stumble home thinking how I’ve not gotten to do anything I set out to do.  My white board hasn’t had anything crossed off in days and I just keep trying to put out the most emergent fires.

And today I had a student tell me that well, it’s nice what we do with teaching, office hours, consultations and huge amounts of resources (mostly electronic) and all but since we don’t have 24 hour access to the building* and a coffee shop, we’re just not serving the students.

So unfortunately I’m a day late and don’t have much to tell you.  Check back with you next week, when hopefully I’m feeling a little less irritated.

*A building, mind you, that was built in the late 1970s, does not have a bathroom on the main floor, and there’s no way to limit students to any particular area overnight.