If you are on any of a number of listservs that I frequent, you’ve heard that LITA-PPC has a call out for Lightning Round presentations at Annual 2012. They’re due on May 7. Go fill it out now and then come back.

This isn’t anything particularly new, but it does allow for a few more people to throw in a last minute proposal, get a surprise speaking credit, and allows for topics that we weren’t really planning on last summer to get a moment in the spotlight.  The committee will be doing a really fast round of evaluation and we’ll have decisions by the end of the month.

We’ve gotten 15 so far. That’s not a huge number but there are confounding factors

  • the session time is already set for Monday morning at 8 a.m. *
  • we asked that people not propose if they couldn’t guarantee they were going
  • no vendor proposals allowed

I expect that number to at least double, which will put the selection ratio at about 1 in 5.

I’m starting to think about next year. Sure, the majority of my focus is still on June, but when the end of June hits, I need to be ready with a few things.  I will have several new committee members in addition to the two I picked up after Midwinter, and they’ll need some orientation. We’ll be putting up a new call for proposals for Annual 2013 and starting to schedule the discussion meetings for those.  We need to discuss anything that we’d like to change for next year.  (Actually, that conversation is going up right after we finish the Lightning stuff–as several people won’t be at Anaheim.)

And this year, people are getting assignments. I’ve relied on people volunteering and they generally step up but I’d like to get that a little more organized so committee members can plan accordingly.  Things they’ll get to sign up to do include:

  • Confirm submission receipt for all ALA Annual programs (2)
  • Lightning Round Program 2013 –Call for/Supervise/oversee day of (2)
  • LearnRT Liaison [informal] (1-2)
  • LITA Slide Deck Template manager/sharer (1)
  • Pre-Conference Blog Posts (1-5)

Everyone on the committee is still expected to supervise programs, have lots of opinions, and throw in for other things as they arise, but these are the ones that come to mind thus far.

I also have to make some suggestions on who should be the 2013-2015 chair.  While it doesn’t have to be a member of the committee, it puts the new chair at a huge disadvantage if they have not served before. I’d been on the committee for two years before taking chair and I still spend half of my time flailing and feeling like I’m making things up. Hopefully, between my various blog posts and documentation, I can hand off something a little more structured to whoever is next to warm the seat.  That will also be something that comes up in the next month with the current committee.

*This means I have 8 a.m. meetings Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  And I’m not a morning person. At least we’ll be on Pacific Time?