Happy Friday Ducklings.  Just a bit of best of. I’ve been wading through the backlog and frankly, if they’re making the candidate guess, them I’m not seeing a whole lot of commitment to data on their part as yet.

SUNY Geneseo has a position open for a Business and Data Librarian.

We’re starting to see some management positions that take into account that they’ll need to handle data or supervise people do.  One of those is the California Institute of Technology, who is hiring a Head of Research and Information Services.  No word on whether you get to work with their equivalent of Charles Eppes. 🙂

If I were ready to go back to New York, I might look at the Translational Science Librarian position at Weill Cornell Medical Library, which is working with their Clinical and Translational Science Center. We got a CTSA at UIC and we do a fair amount of work with them. Would always like to do more.

On the other hand, NYU is looking for a Librarian for Sociology and Psychology. Why this one in particular? This phrase “with special emphases on supporting the intensive use of data by scholars in these areas and maintaining deep ties with the Libraries’ Data Service Studio.” That’s what I want to see for liaison positions.

And Lehigh University has embraced Business and Data. I question that they are saying one can get away with an MS in Stats for this position, there’s a lot more to librarianship than statistics (remind me I said that in year, will you?) but they do have a very interesting Business/Data Librarian position posted.