We’re a week out from when I leave for ALA and I’m still getting hit from the side with surprises.  Ladies and gentleman, for the sake of all conference presentations you do in the future: if you’ve agreed to do an in person conference and you find out you won’t be able to go, please don’t wait until a week out to notify the conference planners. Alternative arrangements, by that point, generally cannot be arranged and no one is happy at that point.

If you’d like to see me in Anaheim, I’d love to meet you, hang out, etc.

Here are the fixed things in my schedule at the moment  (it’s also on the ALA Scheduler— which I can’t get to embed this evening) :

I’ll be arriving in Anaheim, Friday midday.

3-4 p.m.: LITA 101 Open House

8-10 a.m.: LITA Joint Chairs Meeting

8-10 a.m.: LITA Program Planning Committee Meeting
4-5: LITA President’s Program
5-6: LITA Happy Hour

8-10: LITA Lightning Presentations (in the scheduler as Flash, apparently that confuses people). I’m running this.  We have an excellent group of presentations. Please get up early and come.

My flight is in the evening and I will have to do homework that day but I’m sort of at loose ends.  If you’ll still be around, let me know so we can make plans for the morning.

I’ve got dinner plans on Friday and I think possibly also on Sunday but I’m highly amenable to spontaneous lunches, drinks, coffees, and surreptitious trips to a local wool shop.

Notably for some, I’m not going to Disney. I think if I had a couple of non-obligation days it would be fun,  but I’d rather not try and cram things in around conference. I’d much rather see friends who will be there and lounge by the pool.

Week 3 of homework is in rough draft stage, I’ll read it again in the morning once Groupmates 1 and 2 have added their comments.  We plowed through it tonight and then all hit brain-fried. Looking at dates, I’ll be done just in time to go to my cousin’s wedding in July.