Yes, yes, I’m still reading and tracking data jobs.  Reading job ads is often an exercise in frustration. I know what I expect to find in the job description and yet it isn’t there. Whether the library isn’t considering xyz section or if it is the unwritten rule that the hired candidate has to read their mind. I can only imagine how much harder it is for those actively applying.

Brigham Young University, who just recently had a library director position open, is looking for a Physiological Sciences Liaison Librarian. There is mention of research data management only in the qualifications, though one also needs to have a science undergraduate degree to apply, which will strongly limit the pool   Note that preference is given to those who are in good standing as members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

The University of Rochester is looking for an Economics and Data Librarian.  Interestingly, this is one of the few jobs where I’ve seen that the data librarian is expected to work on library data as well as support other data needs of the campus.

NYU-Abu Dhabi is hiring a Data Services Librarian. This looks like it’s a brand new position.  I’m curious what all is planned for inclusion in a “Data Services Studio” and who will staff it beyond this person. Questions for the savvy candidate.

Penn State needs a Business Liaison Librarian.  They mention scholarly communication trends and statistical packages. Nothing especially about research data or big data though…

Cold Spring Harbor is looking for a Science Librarian. I do actually know a scientist out there, the Master Sergeant’s Older Brother.  Unfortunately I haven’t chatted with him in a few years so I can’t call him for all the details on this job.  If only I had an advanced degree in life sciences, I’d be a shoe in….

Purdue is looking for a GIS Systems Specialist. They’re doing a lot of very cool things right now at Purdue and are one of the universities that I’m keeping an eye on as the how-to-do-it for data.  This is a surprisingly open job, there are requirements but they aren’t too difficult.  Someone with a couple of years of library experience and some GIS familiarity should feel confident.

If you’d like to work with @umdatalib, you might take a look at the University of Minnesota, who is hiring an Associate University Librarian for Content and Collections.  Data is hiding in the job description once you click through to their site.

In the category of unusual but data, Cherokee Services Group, a government contractor for the U.S. Geologic Survey, is seeking a Data Manager. I think these are types of jobs we’re going to see more of for a while as everyone is sorting out data needs.

Yale’s back on the scene. How many jobs have I posted at Yale? Feels like a lot.  Anywho, this time it’s for an Empirical Research Librarian at the Lillian Goldman Law Library. It’s data work with a legal twist and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen law and data in the same ad.

Worcester Polytechnic wins this week’s award for how many clicks to took me to get to the job description.  From the job ad it took me 8 clicks to get to the search page to look up the full description.  Too many clicks notwithstanding, they’re looking for a Research and Instruction Librarian – Science and Engineering Graduate Support Services.  Choose this link to cut out half a dozen of those links. Also, the page locks you out if you open a search in another window.