Though I won’t be ordering new business cards at the moment, I do have a new title added to the list of “things I do at work.”  I am now an Assistant Professor for the College of Dentistry!

Before anyone panics, this does not mean I’ll be drilling anyone’s teeth. My appointment is through the Office of Academic Affairs–Office of Academic Education. Last fall, I team taught Evidence Based Dentistry and Community Awareness.  I’ve been asked for a repeat performance this fall (we start in three weeks!!)  I’ve been incredibly welcomed by the teaching faculty at Dentistry. They’re happy that the students are improving their information literacy skills, ready to refer them to me, and very willing to collaborate with me.

I’m not entirely sure what the appointment will entail for me. I have class this fall and I’ve been talking with a few people about trying to get me further integrated into the international student curriculum. I need to send an email about being added to the faculty listserv.  (More email! Yay! :p)

At the moment this doesn’t greatly affect my tenure progress. Because it is a 0% appointment, I don’t get any extra salary for taking this on, but it means that the Dentistry faculty won’t be voting on my tenure either.  We have a couple of other faculty members at the library with appointments in the College of Medicine so this wasn’t entirely unheard of but it’s not common either.

How did I get this? I asked. Once I knew I would be teaching again this fall, I approached one of the faculty members I work very closely with, who happens to be an Executive Associate Dean. He was immediately in favor of it and did the process wrangling on that side.  I heard that everything had been successful when they started announcing it to faculty members in town halls and those faculty members emailed or called to congratulate me.  Now that I’ve received formal notification, I can add it to the CV.