If you’re still waiting to hear from LITA PPC about your program program, I’m sorry there’s been a delay. The committee did do their evaluations and we had an absolutely wonderful meeting earlier this month.  Truly, I wish all of my meetings were that much fun.

There were a number of programs that we had questions about and we spent some time exchanging emails with IGs and individuals who had submitted things that needed clarification. Everyone did get back to us (thank you all) and that allowed us to make some hard decisions with more information at hand.

This was not an easy process. It never is, evaluating people’s ideas and trying to read the future minds of 20K librarians always presents challenges. I’ve been torn between wanting all the program proposals we had last year (nearly 100) and being so grateful that we didn’t have to try and squeeze that many down to 20. This year, we had over 40 proposals and there were some difficult choices.

That’s neither here nor there though.

I’m waiting on one final phone call before I send the Accepted spreadsheet to Melissa at the ALA Offices.  The decisions have been made and overall I’m happy with them.

Everyone over at the LITA Offices is currently finalizing details for LITA Forum, so I’m not sure when Melissa will be able to get the letters out.  This is a reflection on me, not her. I’ve owed her this spreadsheet for a while now and it’s been sitting on my to-do list like a giant thundercloud.  But decisions are coming.

Next summer should be very interesting.