We’re hiring! Come work with me!

UIC has regional branches in Peoria, Urbana, and Rockford.  We’re looking for a tenure track librarian to join the UIC-Peoria library.  You would get to work with me, albeit remotely. I don’t know if it’s an incentive or not that Sibling-the-Younger is near that part of the state, he speaks pretty highly of Peoria.  I still need to get out there to visit.

If you’re here in Chicago, we’re also hiring a Visiting Information Services Librarian for my department. I am on the search committee for this position.  This position does not require the two years of experience that our tenure track positions do require, but it’s also a visiting, not permanent position. I’ll answer as many questions as I can or refer you to one of my coworkers who isn’t on the search committee.  We are hoping for a quicker turnaround on this one, so please send in an application sooner rather than later!

If the search committees I’m on are anything to go by, we are starting to get some other positions filled as well. Please do keep an eye out.

Candidates, I recommend reviewing Jenica Rogers’ excellent posts of Cover Letters and Questions to Ask Interviewers