The Philosopher strongly encouraged me to give up my print day planner  in 2011. Today we went by Office Max and I was so very tempted to pick one up again. I really liked having a print calendar, one week visible on a two page spread. Everything went in those calendars: birthdays, personal events, work events. I’m still trying to get an electronic calendar that feels as functional for me.

Tomorrow, as with each new day, brings a lot of potential, special potential for being at the turn of our date/time record keeping. I’m ready to pack 2012 up and tuck it away, to bring out only a few good memories and happily shuffle off the more frustrating ones.

There’s been a huge amount of change at work. We had an enormous swath of retirements in 2012 and with various plans and depending on the veracity of office scuttlebutt, we’re in for more staffing changes.  We’ll welcome a new position in my department in mid-January, with the start of our first full time clinical librarian. She’ll be going on rounds at the hospital and really working to cultivate our relationships there.  I’m excited for that.

I’m looking forward to 2013 being a year more focused internally rather than externally. A lot of energy in the past two years has been focused on building conference experiences for other people: presenting, planning, and committee-ing. While the first six months of 2013 will be somewhat more of the same, after ALA in June my responsibilities will change and I’m looking forward to the shift.  I haven’t put myself out for presentations as much in 2013 but I am hoping to find some opportunities especially in the latter half of the year.   Have slide decks, will come and be shiny. 🙂

I’m not especially good with tangible resolutions. I keep thinking big things like “I’ll knit only from stash yarn and use up half my stash this year!” The realistic portion of me is saying I’d like the stash to live in the bins I bought for it rather than spilling out of them and making the shelves look messy.  So that’s the goal I’m telling people over at the knitting blog.

For here, I will tell you that in 2013 I would like to read more, listen to more audiobooks, spend time with people whose company I really enjoy and write more.  I’d like to focus more on learning for myself and making sure that work stays a little more firmly in it’s boundaries rather than sneaking out and taking up all the extra time I’d put for learning and research.

Whatever your plans for the New Year are, I wish you good health and many unexpected moments of joy; spontaneous laughter that makes you cry and your sides hurt; someone to offer you a chocolate bar and a hug in a frustrating time; and curiosity.

Happy 2013.