Yes, we’re hiring more people!!

This time we’re looking for two Science/Math/Engineering types to be our Science Liaison librarians.

These are tenure-track positions and we are asking for two years of experience (either in libraries or relevant to the position).  These positions will be based in the Daley library, which is about a mile away from my building. (Visiting the Health Science Library is a good reason to get out of the building–also, there is a mile of restaurants in between!)

There is a lot of opportunity with these positions for liaison work to the various colleges. Our last science librarian is now the Director of a science library in Canada.

I will be at ALA Midwinter and I’m happy to answer as many questions as I can about this place, though I’ll try to do that here on the blog as well so everyone has a chance to read my answers.

I am on the search committee for these two positions.

If you have recommendations of someone, please let me know.