It has actually made it to double digits (Farenheit) in Chicago today, but the temperatures are such that I’m doing my best impression of a pile of handknits atop a down coat. By the end of the week, though, I’ll be off to balmy Seattle where the highs will be around freezing.

I have yet to start packing my knitting.  Sets off alarm bells, doesn’t it? Yes, I know I need to sit down and sort through the wool stash and determine what will be best dropped in meetings and least easily forgotten after meet-ups and eat-or-drink-ups. I also need to pack clothing, but that’s easier.

If you’re looking for me to talk to me about the two science positions open at my university, ask me a question about LITA Program Planning, ask me about mixing phrases like “obtain ten, or to consume food or beverages here’s the roughly sketched in plan of the moment:


Arriving mid-afternoon. If at all possible, I will try to get to LITA 201. Mike Bolam will be the primary LITA PPC contact at that meeting, so if you can’t find me, please feel free to direct your questions to him.

I will be at LITA Happy Hour. You should be too. It’s a wonderful time.
Date: Friday, January 25th
Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
Location: Elephant & Castle Seattle, 1415 5th Ave, Billiards Room.


8:30-10:30 LITA Committee/IG Chair Meeting

10:30-11:30 LITA All Committee Meeting: PPC will NOT, repeat, NOT be formally meeting. I am a new member of the Education Committee, I’ll be at that table for 45 minutes.

11:30-12:30 ALA 2013 Conference Committee Meeting

1-2:30 I have 4 things on my schedule at the moment, but the Open Repository presentation from BMC is currently winning .

3-5:30 ACRL/SPARC “Life Beyond the Impact Factor: The Promise and Perils of Article Level Metrics.” I get to see Heather Piwowar live and in person! *squee*

At some point in there I need to eat lunch. I wonder if I can get a GrubHub delivery to a room in the convention center…..


8:30-10 Where I want to be is the Publisher / Vendor Relations Discussion Group (ACRL STS), which is a panel that includes the ACS. However, I don’t go only for myself and the Digital Task Force that I’m on for work has asked that I try to drop in at the ALCTS Metadata Interest Group to take notes.

10-??? Run through the Vendor Exhibits.

LUNCH PLANS should appear here. Quick, someone spontaneously show up.

1-2:30 Probably the Federal Science Agency Update . If someone is going to the LRRT discussion and plans to blog a summary, would you please let me know?

2:30-3:30 ALA CraftCon in the Networking Uncommons.


8:30-10:00 LITA Town Meeting

I think Monday afternoon I can get to a couple of yarn stores. Seattle yarn stores have Blue Moon Fiber Arts Yarns live and in person. I’m hoping a couple of other crafters will come along to prevent me from buying ALL THE THINGS.


Airport and home. With the time change and travel, I lose the whole day, which is frustrating.

This is as firm as I can make my schedule. I’m sure I’ll end up at different things at different times. I’ll be on twitter and I’m easily persuaded to pursue a cup a coffee.

How does this all play into tenure? Well, a research partner from Canada will be there, she and I are actually going to sit down and guilt trip each other into getting more things done. I’ll be rooming with Madame Storyteller and probably squeezing a little advice out of her (good bosses never get out of mentoring). And, of course, this counts as professional service.