It was fascinating to hear over the weekend about the mass resignation of the editor and editorial board of the Journal of Library Administration, a Taylor and Francis journal, due to inability to resolve issues regarding transferal of copyright and retention of author rights.

John Dupuis has the best summary around if you’d like more details 

I’m excited by all of this! As an author, it makes me feel far less alone and isolated. If an editorial board is willing to stand up on behalf of authors and say that these terms are not correct and they’re not willing to stand by them, that helps me to know that other people, people with more power than I currently have, are on my side. We may not agree on all of the terms needed for change but accepting that change needs to come means we can figure out the next step. Particularly, I’m happy to see that this comes from a journal with “administration” in the title.  Many institutions are still very top-down and the energies and beliefs of the administrators can certainly shape things.

I look forward to seeing what the editors and editorial board tackle next! And, depending on their new publishing strategies, perhaps I’ll get to publish with them in the future.