The answer to that question is probably be no, but if you’ve looked at things I’ve done and thought “hey, that’s pretty cool” you could work directly with me.

We’re hiring the replacement for the coworker who left in June.  The job posting is available here:

Please note that the posting requires 2 years of professional post-degree experience. That is non-negotiable. If you do not have that you will not meet the minimum requirements for this position.  Please, for the sake of the coworkers about to wade through your resumes, be aware of that.

I am not on the search committee for this. Certainly if you’re here on this website, you will hopefully have a little bit of sunlight on our tenure process.

I am happy to entertain questions about my place of work but I’m probably too close to this one to read draft cover letters.

And if you get the job and really want to be the liaison to Pharmacy, I’ll buy you a cupcake or frozen yogurt. Or both.