Official re-entry won’t come until Thursday but there are any number of things that I brought home to work on “over break.”  There wasn’t much hope for that before Christmas, what with needing to make sure the house was somewhat tidy before family descended and there were a couple days after Christmas where I just stared at the walls.

Okay, fine, not at the walls, at my knitting mostly. If you read my knitting blog ( you’ve seen a definite uptick in posting. My brain is much happier contemplating wool right now as opposed to the library world. But I started in on the email backlog tonight (Work inbox was only at 145–for a week! How rare is that instance?) and I have opened Teambox again and now need to seriously start cracking through a few things before facing down my coworkers.

I’ve had to look at my calendar and send a couple of emails to start the flow again. I’ve been summoned for jury duty.  According to the website, I can bringing reading material but they don’t offer free wifi in the waiting area.  No word on knitting needles. I’ve got some wooden DPNs around here somewhere and, as those generally look like oversized toothpicks, I think I’ll be okay. I’ll take a loaded tablet and whatever needs editing most recently.  If I don’t have to go in for jury duty–which I’ll find out late on the 12th, it will probably turn into a research day as I won’t have been able to schedule any meetings (awwww…shucks).

We’re now at less than 30 days to paperwork due–it has to be turned in on the 24th.  And I’m behind.  Significantly behind where I planned to be by this point. It should only take a few solid hours to get myself cranked around but there’s knitting and left over baklava and snuggly cats who believe I should still be on the couch.

Tomorrow’s high has been adjusted from the single digits Farenheit that it was all the way up to 18, so I shouldn’t totally turn into a popsicle if I have to venture outside but the plan is a tea kettle on simmer and my backside in the chair in front of the computer getting things done before the New Year is here.

How is your re-entry from the holidays going?