One of the challenges with committee work can be handoff. I had a strong working relationship with the incoming chair of LITA Program Planning Committee as well as with our Board Liaison/Former Chair. But those relationships can’t always be counted on and there were definitely things I struggled with or worried that I would leave Deb to struggle with in the future.

As an experiment to see if we can better facilitate leadership development and transfer, the LITA Education Committee is serving as guinea pig for a Vice-Chair/Chair model. Our hard working board liaison Andromeda Yelton notified the committee earlier this week, I’ve accepted the appointment of Vice-Chair for the next six months and then in July, I’ll become Chair for 2014-2016.

Me being me, I have some ideas and plans. Okay, I have an entire Teambox list and about 15 post it notes that need to turn into tasks.

We’re having a virtual committee meeting before Midwinter to hopefully start kicking off a few spring projects, to get everyone rolling, and figure out some opportunities for people who–like me–can’t make it to Philly.

And I hope to pour transparency on the committee here as I tried to with Program Planning Committee.  So, if you have a question about LITA Education–please send it or ask below and I’ll try to get an answer for you.

Oh yes, I do have a Madame Vice-Chair hat.