So my 3Y, third year, mid-tenure review papers all go in on Friday, January 24.  It’s been all paperwork all the time around here for a bit.

It’s my intention to post as much of what I can as possible once I get it in final format. Here’s what I’m finishing up in the next few days:

1) Tenure Forms. These are standard forms used by the university and they change every year. As these are a word document, that means that as you’re working through the process, you have to completely redo everything at least three times.  I’ve heard that for your final year there is supposed to be more assistance but having watched a couple of coworkers go through it, the primary burden definitely still falls on me.

2) A copy of my CV.  No big deal there, I need to read through it, make sure it is up to date, and press Save-as-PDF.  You all already know where to find that on my About Me page, right?

3) A list of accomplishments.  This originally went in to my Evaluation of Librarianship Committee in September. I need to update it for the fall semester and submit again.

4) Annotated List of Publications.  This is all of the stuff I’ve written in the past couple of years and published along with information about my contribution to the research. I am still not done with this as I draft this blog post. Need to get that finished.

5) Statements of Research, Librarianship, and Service. One page documents that took up a lot of brain time this fall.  These are living documents that will evolve further as I keep going through the tenure process.

My statements are included in my documentation, so I may just post those all together, but if you’d like a separate copy, you can also shoot me an email.

There are also things that I can’t share with you for various reasons.  Some of it makes sense: letters of recommendation and unpublished research, but the evaluations of my librarianship, etc seem like they should be public documents.  However, as all of these are either projects still underway or work of other people, I can respect the desire not to have them posted.

Once I get my stuff in, what is the timeline? 

The Library P&T Committee will review my papers as well as any other cases  being presented in February and March and I should hear something in early April, as far as I know. During that time I do not have an opportunity to update my papers, nor will I hear much.

What happens if I pass? 

I proceed on to 4Y this fall (Fall 2014) and then do another internal review during the fall of my 5Y year (Fall 2015). So I go through all of this again, although as I already have all of this paperwork done, I only have to add another 18 months of information. Passing the 5Y process will mean starting the 6Y process, which is campus.

What happens if I fail? 

Please note, I don’t expect this but it’s a question I’m sure some of you have so here’s what I am aware of being the process. If I did not pass the review, I would be informed later this spring. I believe that I would have the opportunity to appeal, though I am not really sure what’s involved with that. If the appeal failed or if I chose not to appeal, then I would get a one year terminal contract, which would give me time to job hunt.

Back to the paperwork grind. If you have any  questions, let me know, I’ll try to answer next week.