Last week I promised you my 3Y paperwork so that you could see the forms I’ve filled out and the statements I’ve written.  I’ve redacted only a couple of works in progress that I’m not quite ready to share with the world and papers that weren’t generated by me (letters of support, statements from other people).  But if you’d like to wade through all of it, you’re welcome to do so here: That link will be up until September, after that, you can send me an email if you’d like to see them.

Now that everything has gone in, I’m amazed to realize that we’re already at the end of January and that I really haven’t done as much as I’d planned for the first month of the year. The weather certainly hasn’t helped but here we are nearly to February and I feel like I’m coming out of a fugue state and trying to now play catch up. And of course, email and meetings don’t take many days off.

Getting through this far feels like I should now have a break, and in theory I do as my next round of papers won’t become a giant headache for another 18 months, but in practice I have a lot to do.  Assuming everything goes well, I’ll be getting feedback on things I should be improving before my 5Y paperwork deadlines so there will be areas to work on and those works in progress should really be moving over to the works published column.

Hope that you are staying warm and dry wherever it is you’re reading from!