Around Workplace Hedgehog it’s all in person interviews all the time. Starting today and ending on February 24, I’m seeing at least 13 candidates, possibly a total of 16 or 17 if I can squeeze in the presentations for one more search.  This will hopefully culminate in 6 different new people getting hired across a couple of colleges over the next few months.  I’m looking forward immensely to the influx of people but also slightly dizzy at the idea of seeing a different person or two every day for a while.  My calendar pretty much looks like: answer email, see candidate(s), write up candidate for search chair, answer email, go home. My dry cleaner is thrilled, I’m dressing up every day.

I know a number of people who are job hunting and I’ll briefly point back to the posts I put out earlier this summer that I hope people will find useful:

From My Side of the Search Committee:

Cover Letters
CVs and Interview Tips
Things We Need to do Better

And put out the offer again that if you’d like me to take a read through your cover letter (as long as it’s not for a UIC position) I’m happy to offer feedback.

January was paperwork, February will be candidates, I’m kind of afraid to ask what March will bring as it’s theme this year…