I’d had, in the back of my head, a desire to do a month long blog-a-thon to restart myself writing. It is a truth acknowledged at least at Chez Hedgehog that I’m a much happier hedgehog when I’m writing on a regular basis.  I’m hoping that daily writing, short pieces will help get past the “but I need to write and respond to all of the things.”

There are several areas that I’d like to write about–I need to update y’all on tenure stuff, changing mentors, trying to wrap my head around some new ideas, working with research partners, etc.

Today’s excitement though is that there are two new librarians starting in my department today! One of them is from a search that I stepped in to chair earlier this year, with the retirement of Madame Mentor.  The other came from another search in the infamous-February-of-candidates-2014. They both have been over at HR orientation and  I’ll start getting to really spend time with them later this week.

This puts us at almost a full complement for my department. If you talk to the librarians, we like to wish for 7 plus a head, one for each of the six health science colleges, one for the hospital, and a department head. Well, okay, in truth we’d like about 15 but we’re trying to be realistic.  This brings us back to 6 librarians, though we’re currently on our third interim dept head.  Trust that I will announce loudly when they start looking for a new boss for me.  But the idea of sharing the load with another two people is heady. I’m hoping/planning for it to mean that I have more protected time during my workdays to get more writing done…

Fingers crossed!