Yeah, if I’m going to blog everyday for a month, I might need a list day…. how about three quick things I’ve learned about recently:

  • Terry Pratchett books map. I’ve had the Discworld series recommended to me for years, but it took the Philosopher showing me this map, which lays out the story lines and helps you sort which book comes next. I’ve been working through the audiobooks and am about 2/3rds of the way through. If you’re just getting started, I recommend grabbing Wyrd Sisters or Guards Guards and then working forward in either of those storylines from there. You can go back and pick up Equal Rites later. Wyrd Sisters is funny from the first page.
  • Budget Bytes.  This I learned about from Our Lady of Interlibrary Loan, who cooks far more adventurously than I do.  These recipes are entirely navigable and I like finding food that a reasonably but not insanely well stocked kitchen can pull together. We haven’t had a bad recipe off here yet and none of them break the bank. Tonight we had the glazed pork chops–very delicious.
  • Tin Can Knits Simple Collection.  A lot of people have told me that they want to learn how to knit. (I’m seriously considering stocking my office with spare wool and needles, can I count that as ‘research consultations’ do you think?) I can’t recommend these beginner knitter patterns highly enough. Just a bit more adventurous than a garter stitch (knit all the stitches) scarf, great video tutorials, and the clearest directions I think I’ve seen in knitting patterns. I’m knitting both of the sweaters from this collection right now.