I’m waiting to hear about a paper submission. One of my coworkers and I turned in a manuscript in April. The journal in question has a system where you can look and see what the status is. I wish it listed the possible steps for you to see but the stati are not the most informative.

Before I took a few days off around Memorial Day, it said that the paper was out for peer review. Now it just says “With Editor” so I assume the reviews are in. I am expecting an email any day with a decision and spend a little too much time clicking over, checking to see if the status has changed, and being momentarily sad that it hasn’t.

It feels a bit like job hunting again. Will the  potential-place-of-work call? Has there been any notification that I as the candidate can see? Did they like me? Did they laugh at what I sent in?

I know some journals have a much longer turn around time, from what I hear on this journal I will probably hear something in the next couple of weeks and 2 months isn’t considered unreasonable.  But waiting seriously is turning me into a toddler who has been promised a treat in 30 minutes. Has it been 30 minutes yet?