Three quick things…

1. Now that I’ve read (and pointed you all to) Stuart Shrieber’s interview, here’s an excellent short piece from him at Harvard about universities supporting open access publication.

2. Jim Butcher continues to be incredibly addictive. I’ve started over on the Dresden Files. I binge read books 1-9 last year and then had to stop for a while. I just plowed through Book 1 again.  I’m hoping the hold queue at my public library will slow me down a bit.

3. We apparently had  more than a dumpster’s full of boxes of Cold War biscuits in the basement of the main library at MPOW. They’re being tossed.  I can only imagine all of the storage space this opens up.  I imagine Special Collections and Archives already have plans to use it. Of course, now I wonder how many other libraries also have biscuits.