When the construction starts in my building later this year, I’m going to have to move my snacks. Currently there in a cabinet that’s attached to my cube, and that’s not going with me. It’s a slightly daunting prospect: there are a lot of snacks in there.

Frequently days turn into back to back to back meetings recently, the temporary lull that was early summer has faded and now everyone is trying to do all the things before fall and the new semester and new students kick in.  That means sometimes meetings get rated by if/what I can eat during them. Today’s dept meeting started with only a decent rating but it skyrocketed when my coworker brought chocolate from her recent trip abroad. The peach raspberry white chocolate was amazing and I say that as a woman who doesn’t like white chocolate.

But if you need a snack, I’ve got lots of cereal in my office and a case (well, a partial case, it’s been there a while) of individual packs of Chex Mix. I also usually have at least a small tupperware or two of nuts.  I should keep dried fruit or some such, but haven’t had as much remembering to eat that when I’m snack seeking.

There is also, always, the giant bag of mini-Snickers in the bottom desk drawer. The Cheerios are usually a good deterrent when I feel the desire to pig through 3-4 candybars, but the chocolate and protein punch certainly doesn’t hurt.

Several people have tried to talk me into Graze boxes, but I haven’t gotten into that. It feels, somehow, too indulgent for me, though I know it’s working well for them. For now my snacks will keep me going on the crazy-no-other-time-for-lunch-and-I-left-it-in-the-fridge-anyway days.

Do you have a snack stash?