Today began the handoff of Pharmacy to one of my new coworkers. We started talking about it last week but this week I started scheduling meetings with various people and we went together to a faculty meeting. There, I handed  her the packet of meeting stuff and  just sat and pointed out the various people she’ll meet in about two weeks.

We’re in a rare position being able to do this. Pharmacy’s last two liaisons have left due to new jobs and things have been far more abrupt. This time around, we have not only more time but I will still be here and the Pharmacy liaison at one of the regional campuses is still here too.  I’m hoping it makes for a better transition.

I am pleased by the response I’ve gotten from the Pharmacy faculty and staff I’ve reached out to as I’ve asked for meetings. Every single one of them has been gracious, immediately responsive, and more than willing to sit down with my new coworker and I for 30 minutes to go over things, talk about possibilities, etc. One even volunteered to set up a more formal meeting with several other people.

I mentioned to some peers that on one hand, I’m glad that I’ve gotten this far that they’re willing to do this at my request; on the other I’m sad that I haven’t had the brain space to reach out and more expansively do this over the past year.  Pharmacy needs a good liaison and I’ve been very much in the hold-down-the-fort mode. Part of that has been tenure, part staffing, part self-preservation.  I have great hopes for my new coworker.

After July 15, I really expect to be done with Pharmacy except from an occasional question kind of way.  Of course, Dentistry’s happy to have my full focus back, they have lots of things for me to think about.