Somehow, I’m leaving for ALA tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure how this happened and I’m not wholly convinced that I really will be standing in airport security in 24 hours with packed bags, handouts for my preconference, and snacks. We who are about to get no sleep for the next 24 hours salute you.

Anyway, an ALA edition this week.

1)  I’m speaking to the LITA Board on Monday about LITA Education, of which I become chair as of this conference. I’ll blog about it after, my notes are already rather detailed, but if you’d like to follow along, you can Livestream that meeting (Meeting II) here:

Meeting 1 here: on Saturday should also be well worth watching

2) If you haven’t read Andromeda Yelton’s extremely thoughtful blog post on the state of the LITA budget, stop and go read it right now.

3) LibraryBox  is a cheap/easy portable file distribution system. I bought one from LibraryBoxenMaster Jason Griffey. Last night I set it up, which took all of 10 seconds.  I’m loading handouts, notes, data sets, and other things on there for ALA this weekend.  It’s going to save me from having to fear wireless access on Friday for my preconference.  I won’t be the only one, so check your wifi channels for LibraryBoxen in the wild.