I’m speaking a lot over the course of 30 days, in different locations and on different topics. I’m excited about all of them, though with everyday lots-of-work-to-do and a couple of writing deadlines and impending tenure stuff and I do find myself in front of the computer until wee hours most nights. It’s going to mean a June that doesn’t have a lot of lazy evenings strolling along Lake Michigan with the Philosopher, though we’re both hoping for a few of those in July after I get through these things and he finishes a work building move. Of course, that would require the weather to comply and warm up past 60 degrees midday…

So, where and when can you see me?

Oops, already past…

Last Friday I was at Northwestern for a meeting of the Chicago/Illinois Academic Library Marketing Group.  (Abby, is that the right title?)  Our topic for the day was outreach to faculty. I spoke about the challenges of working with health science faculty, which included their multiple foci (clinic, research, and education), time, not being sure what to do with a librarian and also the opportunities: very much need research data management support, assisting in meeting meaningful use, systematic reviews, and teaching evidence based practice. My top tips?  Remind users that interfaces change and that while they may not be in a database everyday, I am more likely to have been and I know where things are now that they’ve moved. (“It’s changed…”)  Also, facilitate serendipity.  Faculty and students who will never clutter up my inbox or walk over to my building will sidle over with a quick question if they see me in the hallway.

Coming up next?

I’ll be at IASSIST this Thursday for one day and one day only! I’m doing a turn around to Minneapolis to give a Pecha Kucha on my research with Kristin Briney and Lisa Zilinski about institutional research data policy.   I’m leaving as soon as the session is done (possibly sooner depending on how long it takes me to get from the airport to campus) so please catch me in the morning or early afternoon to say hi!

In two weeks, I’ve been invited to be part of a group at Purdue looking at barriers for researchers to research data management. I’ve got a general description of plans, a hotel room booked, and ALL THE IDEAS.  It should be a wonderful couple of days of conversation and at least one of the outputs should be a white paper.

Finally, I’ll be at ALA in San Francisco at the end of the month.  I’ve got a fair amount of LITA stuff as per usual and I have a rather exciting panel to sit on. I’ve been invited to speak for the SPARC and ACRL Forum on “Advancing ‘Open’ through Library Partnerships with Students and Early Career Researchers”  Specifically, I’ll be speaking about librarians as early career researchers and my open access tenure commitment. I had an initial meeting with the panel last week and it’s going to be a really excellent session, so I hope that you’ll join me at 3 p.m. on Saturday in San Francisco.

And that’s my June, along with finishing two book chapters by July 1, starting Paper 2 with Lisa and Kristin, and tackling some other research that’s been floating around for too long.