November somehow is upon us and, having survived the majority of the fall semester, we’re headed into the home stretch. I’ve been working a lot of tenure paperwork and all of that goes in at the end of the month, more about that separately.

I have, several times, considered attempting to write a novel during NaNoWriMo. A few times I’ve tackled different writing things, most of which have not stuck. And I don’t see a particular point in making you all read a blog post every day, so NaNoBloMo is out.  The idea of getting a sweater done in the next couple of weeks is appealing–NaNoSweMo is certainly a thing on Ravelry, but I mentioned that tenure deadline.

So instead the plan is to do a little reading.

I have a To-Read folder in Box. It’s the equivalent of the piles that used to build up on my desk and it is no doubt all the more towering for being electronic. Currently it sits at 266 files and 585 MB.  There are two complete books, which adds to the file size, but mostly they are articles gathered from here and there.

My goal is to read 30 articles from that folder. Ideally, that will be one per day but I’m sure there will be a few days that I’ll need to play catch up or perhaps I’ll feel particularly ambitious and read two–one on the way to work and one on the way home. I saved these articles with good intentions and adding that knowledge into my brain, or at least getting through them and deleting should be a good thing.

I will try to do a summary or a batch list of citations or whatnot as I’m working on this and maybe once a week post what I have been reading in case you’re interested in playing along.

I’m also planning to get back to daily journal writing (good for the head and heart), tackle my Christmas knitting, finish my tenure dossier, and get the half dozen manuscripts in various stages moved much further along.

You know, the usual things.